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Latest Penetrator & Portable Penetrator Firmware Change Log

More information on the Penetrator Vulnerability Scanning Appliance or the Portable Penetrator Wifi Testing Device 

Latest Penetrator Version information.

If you need any help to upgrade to the newest firmware you can always contact us via mail or the live chat.

To upgrade a firmware you login to the web interface and click Advanced Menu -> Update -> Force Firmware Update.

You can visit this page often for the latest information.

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32.5.9 - April 2016

Download Penetrator 32.5 Release notes

  • Interface improvements
  • IP/cidr lists with the exception of the main list (home page) are sortable and allow paging and text filtering.
  • This allows, for example, to filter out offline nodes, or to sort by severity
    The list of vulnerabilities found in a scan will be visible in the dashboard.
    The page that opens clicking on the IP address in a scan will display the vulnerabilities for that IP in the current scan, not the history
    A new list will show all the vulns found in a scan, regardless of the IP where they were found. A click on the vuln name will open the list of IPs for that vuln.
    The list of vulnerabilities will be visible while the scan is running.
  • Major updates to the Scan Dashboard:
  • View vulnerabilities while scanning
  • View IPs for each vulnerability
  • Easy sorting/filtering function
  • Inline display of vulnerabilities (new "snapshot" function) for Scan,CIDR , IP
  • Easy filter for offline nodes.
  • Easily set the option to scan target nodes tat appear to be offline.
  • New "Short Name" for the profiles, to be shown on screen, in the scan lists.
  • Account expiry date for non-admin users shown in the right side.
  • Better management of FQDN domains in the Change IP function.
  • Avoid accepting domain names with blanks in the Change IP function.
  • Avoid showing the scans left when it's unlimited.
  • New function to customize the number of rows on the home page.
  • Blanks not accepted in the host name to scan.
  • Removed double warning when the number of IPs to scan is higher than 512.
  • Better calculation of the % progress value for a scan.
  • Removed problem that occasionally prevented from uploading a custom logo.
  • Report improvements
  • Report: manage html tags and newlines marked with a semicolon.
  • Report created also for user-interrupted scans.
  • Report created also for scans terminated due to "Connection Lost".
  • Report created also when all nodes are offline.
  • The number of offline nodes is shown on the report.
  • Report Fix: some UTF-8 characters in the scan output prevented from creating the scan report.
  • Function that shows the temperature compatible with OS version 14.x.
  • Minor display fixes in the report.
  • WiFi improvements
  • WiFi: Better check for plugged/unplugged antenna to display the correct icon in the right table.
  • WiFi: The name of the dictionary in use is displayed on screen in the Dictionary attacks.
  • WiFi: New function to search for a word in dictionary.
  • Faster WiFi WPS scan.
  • System improvements
  • Latest Firefox 45.x
  • Wordpress Scan updates.
  • SQL fix: Removed a SQL problem that caused scans to remain in "Launch Pending" state.
  • CPU and HDD temperature shown on the right side box when available.
  • Database Restore fix: sequence counters adjusted at the end of a database restore.
  • New function to reset the network interface + reboot, both in web interface and system console.

32.1.0 - March 2016

  • Faster WPA/WPA2 Cracking 50%.
  • Extended backend upgrades 20+.
  • Extended customize option for customized projects.
  • If you like your own fully customized contact for details.
  • Firefox 45.0.
  • Scanner Engine backend library updates.

30.1.4 - November 2015

  • System improvements
  • Improved more than 10 video designs.
  • Improved WiFi Pen Testing menu.

30.1.3 - November 2015

  • System improvements
  • Upgraded OpenSSH.
  • Upgraded Firefox 42.x.
  • Upgraded Sendmail,
  • Show 128 IPs instead of 64.
  • Improved scan durations.
  • Added Schematics Datasheet.
  • Updates to flash.

30.0.7 - October 2015

  • WiFi improvements
  • New Ultimate WiFi Antenna Guide.
  • Network improvements
  • Improved DNS Configuration for greater performance.

30.0.3 - October 2015

Download Penetrator 30.0 Release notes

  • WiFi improvements
  • New function to import a handshake for cracking.
  • Possibility to stop a scan without losing the handshake.
  • Possibility to repeat a handshake crack with a different dictionary.
  • New function to change WiFi Country.
  • New function to change WiFi transmission power, according to the highest value accepted by the Country.
  • Installation of the latest WiFi Country Regulatory file.
  • Changes to the Wifi Country Frequency Information, to display the latest regulatory file.
  • New function to change the default DoS timeout.
  • Updates to word lists for cracking.
  • Updates to TPlink WN722N.
  • Scan improvements
  • Better check for online/offline nodes.
  • Browser improvements
  • Chromium 45.
  • Firefox 41.
  • System improvements
  • Improved node discovery.
  • General Improvements
  • New November 2015 Software Image.

28.6.3 - September 2015

Download Penetrator 28.6 Release notes

  • Database Improvements
  • Improved SQL Database syntax.
  • Improved SQL Database speed.
  • Firmware Improvements
  • Firmware update: added a new resume feature on a partially downloaded file.
  • New function to change the update interval: from multiple times a day up to once a month.
  • Fix: sometimes it happened that the web server did not restart after a firmware update.
  • Firmware update improvements: show the downloaded MB, restart web server only once, better calculation of remaining time, etc.
  • Added a new resume feature on a partially downloaded file.
  • Downloaded MB displayed while downloading, web server restarted only once, better calculation of remaining time, etc.
  • Download automatic scanner database in firmware update.
  • New Features
  • New DNS check function, to check for DNS performance.
  • Customization of the mail sent at the end of a scan with custom logo.
  • New function to archive multiple scans at once.
  • Fine tune anti hammering, to avoid blacklisting an IP forever.
  • New function to upload a custom logo to be displayed on login and on the top banner of each page.
  • New function to change the email relay server.
  • Improved System Console new features.
  • Report Improvements
  • Multiple language reports: Croatian,Dutch,Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, Arabic, Thai & Danish.
  • Report: Better alignment of logo in header.
  • Adjust the date format on the top of the page.
  • New Gap Analysis: better computing of the gap with the previous scan.
  • Report translation: manage unicode languages.
  • Report: add a new option to enable/disable the Gap Analysis chapter. Better computing of the gap with the previous scan
  • New order for the list of scan profiles, with the Normal profile on top.
  • Report: Translate extra text in the Traceroute paragraph.
  • SSL Certificates
  • Updated SSL Certs.
  • Improved SSL Certificates upload. and integration.
  • Allow to upload a SSL certificate chain file.
  • General Improvements and fixes
  • Update to view unit id.
  • *New S7 LCD Program.
  • Fix: Memory Exhausted when creating a report for too many IPs.
  • Firefox 40.0.3.
  • Avoid the possibility to create duplicated scans by clicking a "start scan" button twice.
  • New database reorg function launched automatically.
  • Avoid the "wait while processing" box overlap the menu with some screen resolutions.
  • Updates to menu for individual users.
  • Fine tune anti hammering, to avoid blacklisting an IP forever.
  • Modified date format on the top of the page.
  • New order for the list of scan profiles, with the Normal profile on top.
  • Fix: sometimes it happened that the web server did not restart after a firmware update.
  • Improved faster license activation.
  • Added the possibility to change the Penetrator's host name.
  • New diagrams added.
  • 6x new support videos added.
  • Improved boot speed.
  • New 2016 Manual.
  • WiFi Improvements
  • TP-Link TL-WN722N for WPA WPA2 WPS WiFi key recovery.
  • Shows all WiFi Countries Frequency list.

28.0.3 - June 2015

Download Penetrator 28.0 Release notes

  • Multiple language reports: allow to change the report language: English,Spanish,  and  Italian.
  • New report parser for the output of sps, to be used everywhere necessary,
  • Report: Index page moved to the top.
  • Firefox 38.0
  • New check on the input of a scan range, to avoid ranges like
  • New Back button added to the list of scheduled scans.
  • Menu Download Reports moved up.
  • In the Trend-by-scan page, the graph has been moved to the top; values displayed have been limited to the last 36.
  • Better check to detect the unit type.
  • The menu item Vulnerability Center has been renamed.
  • The text "Terminated abnormally" has been changed, to include the case of "lost connection", which causes the same effect.
  • Owasp top 10: add new 2013 checks.
  • Report Fix: on the 1-page scan report, sometimes the scan profile name is missing.
  • Fix: if the vulnerability output description contains html text, it's not displayed correctly.
  • Report: If the vulnerability output is missing some fields, the report doesn't show the Recommended Solution.
  • Factory Reset function improved, to avoid it freezes just before reboot/shutdown.
  • Fixed some unformatted dates on screen and on reports.
  • The text H M L I has been turned into colored icons on non-sortable tables.
  • XML report moved to the Report floating menu.
  • Avoid the possibility to initialize an already initialized unit.
  • Unit ID entry field changed to password-type.
  • Report: new "Send Report Now" function.
  • improved check for online/offline status.
  • Report: added the possibility to edit a Conclusion page, unique for all reports.
  • Manage the change of a serial number NFR to non-NFR.

26.8.7 - April 2015

  • Overall improvements to menus.
  • New WiFi Frequency shown.
  • Backend updates.

26.8.4 - March 2015

  • Improved Wi-Fi scanning power.
  • Improved Wi-Fi WPS cracking process.
  • New Speed indicator.
  • Fixed Firefox restart.
  • Faster bootup.
  • Fixed pdf report mail attachment.
  • Added option to reboot remote routers.
  • More hardware vendors matched.
  • More options in console updated to 2.0.
  • Wifi Adapter indicator.
  • Wifi Adapter Power indicator.
  • Improve wifi signal strength indicators.
  • Updates to login page.
  • Added MAC Randomize.
  • General improvements.
  • Firefox 36.x
  • New Wifi dBm indictor.
  • New Wifi dBm explanation.
  • New WPS Live cracking output to see exact progress.
  • New libpcap library updated.
  • 3000 more MAC address ranges for identification added.
  • Added USB Wifi adapter information for 2.4 GHz & 5.8 GHz.
  • New Icons added.
  • New HD videos added in interface.
  • Longer interface timeout.

26.2.8 - November 2014

  • Improved WPS Wifi Password Recovery Auditing.

Penetrator Vulnerability Assessment 26.2.7 - October 2014

  • Firefox 32.x
  • New console interface

Penetrator Vulnerability Assessment 26.1.6 - June 2014

Download Penetrator 26.0 Release notes

  • Improved Graphics Resolution
  • Latest Chrome 31+
  • Massive amount of SSL checks added
  • New graphs with statistics on the home page, as on Protector; new page for graphs customization
  • New function for bulk download of all reports of the current user, with choice of dates from-to
  • HIPAA scan: new profile and customized report
  • PCI scan for web application, to prepare a PCI-DSS compliance assessment: new profile and customized report
  • New Vulnerability Center, to allow users to make requests about new vulnerabilities
  • Firmware Update has been redesigned to make it fail-proof: more information on video, double progress bar, better error reporting
  • Backup as been reviewed. More information on screen during a Restore
  • New page with usage statistics about all users
  • New statistics on the right column: total scans, concurrent scans; split info on scans left: for the user or for the unit
  • Schedule Scan: better choice of scan frequency; New "Quarterly" scan
  • New hour format: user can choose between 24H and 12H (AM/PM) format
  • Removed blanks from ID on unit initialization and login
  • New vulnerability databases on scan report: Microsoft and Osvdb, with link to the database
  • Added X next to Wordlist Upgrade to hide the message
  • Network Menu has been moved to the first level
  • The certificate warning during a firmware update has been removed
  • False positive fix: when a vulnerability is in the list of false positives, in next scans it appeared in the count of vulnerabilities on the home page and in reports

Penetrator Vulnerability Assessment 24.5.6 - March 2014

  • Improved Graphics Resolution
  • Latest Chrome 31+
  • Updated KDE
  • KDE Autostart

Penetrator Vulnerability Assessment 24.5.1 - March 2014

Download Penetrator 24.5 Release notes


  • Adding a new IP to a scan when there is no internet connection has been made faster
  • New option to pause a scheduled scan until the pause is not removed
  • New Calendar on Edit User to simplify data entry of dates
  • Allow to enter multiple hostnames separated by comma when adding scan targets
  • Advanced Scan Setup has been totally redesigned. All advanced options have been grouped into a single page
  • New option to launch a scheduled scan immediately
  • The unit's IP has been added to the /etc/hosts file
  • Confirm Delete in System Logs has been turned into a popup, to avoid showing a page with no title
  • New AM/PM text added to scheduled scans; added trailing zeroes when needed
  • New entry in the right column to show the status of antenna: plugged/unplugged. Only for Portable Penetrator. New videos and new popup
  • New warning in ticket management when statistics are off.
  • The Current Vulnerability Status available through the list of scans has been completely redesigned
  • Allow to enter multiple IPs separated by comma in Edit User
  • On unit initialization, deny entering a unit id that was created for a Protector unit
  • More precise check about Internet status (online/offline) on firmware updates, to avoid starting updates with internet offline
  • New wizard to drive user step by step in the the process of getting online


Penetrator 24.0.1 - February 2014

Download Penetrator 24.0 Release notes

  • New button to change profile to all IPs at once
  • New Add All button to add all authorized IPs at once, on new scans
  • New option to import multiple IPs from CSV file, when creating a new scan
  • Allow to add multiple email addresses when creating scan templates.
  • Vulnerability notification mail improved and changed to html format
  • On notification mails, allow to change the sender's address. Allow to attach a report
  • Info about offline nodes added to the 1-page pdf report
  • New big popup to advice of new firmware available, with release info. Automatic download of release info from Lounge
  • New popup to explain what is possible to do when the Penetrator is offline. The same info on the current popup for Internet Offline
  • New local videos that explain how to get online
  • Paging system on scan pages has been improved, to allow to jump to the first/last page, select a page number etc.
  • New check boxes on Factory Reset to choose to reset unit ID and shutdown unit
  • New link to Penetrator videos on Youtube
  • New X button to hide the link to the current firmware video in the System Messages.
  • New text to explain that the second Wifi list is that of connected users
  • Ticket menu added to non-admin users
  • Fonts in right column have been unified
  • New check to verify that apache is running with SSL enabled
  • Users' statistics flag turned ON by default, to avoid missing statistics by mistake
  • Login IP check turned off for new users. The same on Factory Reset
  • Slackware 14 compatibility
  • On WPS scans, it could show 0% on completed scans / password found
  • Text alignments and typos fixed

Penetrator 22.5.3 - November 2013  

Download Penetrator 22.5 Release notes

Ticket Management
- New subsystem to manage the vulnerability solution process. It allows to open tickets on one or multiple vulnerabilities, assign them a priority, a due date, a person in charge and write progress updates.
- New list: summary of tickets for each IP, with the number of open and closed tickets and of vulnerabilities with no tickets
- New list: status of tickets for an IP, with the list of vulnerabilities included in the ticket, the risk level, the ticket status, the vulnerabilities not associated to a ticket
- Create ticket: from the IP view, this function allows to create a ticket to handle a single or multiple vulnerabilities at once
- New list with all open tickets, by due date
- Edit ticket: allows to define priority, due date, assignee, change status when needed, add comments. Shows the list of vulnerabilities to fix
- View tickets: as the function above, read only. It is for closed tickets, fixed or abandoned
- Comment management: It is possible to add multiple comments to the same ticket, to trace the solution history
- Ticket setup, to allow the Penetrator to automatically close tickets when a vulnerability has been fixed or marked as false positive
- Automatic mailing, when a ticket status changes or when the ticket is next to the due date

Statistics and History
- Complete redesign of pages in Statistics and History menus and merge of the two functions
- Trend of vulnerabilities: shows the list of all scans on an IP and the difference between a scan and the next one: new findings, fixed and not fixed vulnerabilities.
- New bar chart to show the trend of vulnerabilities on an IP
- Scan details: shows the list of vulnerabilities on a particular scan and their status compared to previous scan (new, not fixed, fixed)
- Current status: shows the same content of the function above for last scan performed on an IP
- Complete vulnerability list: full list of vulnerabilities ever found on an IP, last time seen and their current status (outstanding , fixed)
- History of a vulnerability on an IP: shows the history of a vulnerability from a scan to another on the same IP (new, not fixed, fixed)
- Direct link to tickets from Scan details and from Complete Vulnerability List

Global False Positives
- New function to create False Positives independent on an IP. Penetrator will consider them as false positives on every scan performed by the same user on any IP.
- New list of Global False Positives in the False Positives page
- Double option to add a vulnerability as IP-based false positive or Global false positive
- Redesign of the list in the False Positives page with better look

- Avoid that error messages on wrong logins are show on a blank page
- Avoid resetting the Unit ID on factory reset
- Menu reorganization (Network inside System, Schedule inside Vulnerabilities etc.)
- Removed the white line under the login image
- Entry fields in the login page surrounded by grey lines
- Scan history bugfix. Latest scan reported a vulnerability but History reported Fixed
- False positive bugfix: a white page was shown when clicking Back       


Penetrator 22.0.2 - October 2013  

Download Penetrator 22.0 Release notes

  • Bugfix: Antenna plug in / out changes unit's IP 
  • Improve statistics page, which takes too long to load; added the number of available statistics for each line
  • New Edit Schedule function, to change the schedule time
  • Fixed schedule scans: when 2 scans are scheduled at the same time, one did not start correctly
  • When a scan is running, a turning wheel is displayed; timestamps are displayed as readable date/time in the scan details
  • New function to upload site certificate, with validity and expiration check
  • New link to VIP lounge, with automatic login
  • When resuming WPS scans, the last % reached before stopping is displayed
  • Report branding - removed the useless Back button after a change has been made
  • New floating menu that collects all Report icons on the home page
  • New menu on the left side of the page, with new icons. Main and Advanced menus have been merged.
  • Improved unit initialization. Added compatibility for Internet Explorer
  • Removed the extra confirmation step on DHCP setup. IP change has been made failproof
  • User names are case insensitive (only newly created ones). Fixed minor problem on password change
  • Added "Select All" radio buttons on the main lists, where missing
  • Scan statistics: better text to explain when statistics are available
  • Fixed minor issue in the wordlist update
  • Bugfix: firmware information could not be sent to the server when the update server is not the default one
  • Use restartable/failproof downloader to download firmware and dictionary files
  • New link to the latest available firmware video, in System Messages.
  • Deny typing CIDRs in any field of the Change IP and Gateway page
  • 10 General Wifi improvements + gradient colors in WiFi list + collapsable description when choosing the attack method
  • License status sent periodically to vip lounge.
  • Fixed report generator when the list of vulnerabilities contains empty lines The "Send information" checkbox on disclaimer is check by default; all disclaimers have been reset  

Penetrator 20.6.1 - October 2013  

  • Improved Wordpress Scanning

Penetrator 20.6.0 - August 2013  

  • New updated Word Lists for WPA cracking.  539 Million new entries.

Penetrator 20.5.7 - July 2013  

Download Penetrator 20.5 Release notes

  • View Wireless Audits in reverse order
  • Portscan shunning before scan, to exclude nodes that answer Open to all ports
  • Fix text in WEP scanning page
  • In the list of Wifi networks, put Stop Scan button on top
  • Better description in each type of Wifi scan
  • Fix download of WPA handshake. Make download available while scanning.
  • New wrapper for WPS scan
  • Automatic refresh of page when a Wifi antenna is plugged in
  • Air renamed to Wifi on screen
  • Wifi review: new state for WPS, new field to describe the type of ongoing attack, automatic refresh of Wifi status
  • Added Ubuntu USNs to scan reports
  • Better analysis of output log for WPS attacks. Timeout handled
  • Shared templates, to share scan templates among all users
  • Shared scan, to share scan results among all users
  • Checksum on Unit ID, to avoid mistyping when installing a new unit
  • WPS: Start a new scan separated from Resume an old scan. Added Pause
  • Quick links removed from home page and more details shown in the scan list
  • Wait While Processing more evident, with shading
  • New CVE, BugtraqID and Ubuntu logos in reports.
  • Faster loading of home page by deferring loading of the slowest fields
  • php notices and warnings suppressed
  • New function to allow each user to add his own watermark to reports' pages
  • New Disclaimer, to allow sending data for Quality Control
  • Reports created automatically at the end of a scan; New icon to re-create reports
  • Allow blanks in scan names
  • IP input: fix input of a list of IPs with blanks and commas mixed
  • Some vulnerabilities turned into Info. Created a new Info category for screen and reports.
  • Question Info icon in WiFi to show a tooltip with description of scan method
  • Added a link to new guide on how to connect an antenna
  • More userfriendly handshake file name
  • Changed text in nfr message
  • re-added list of scans in menu
  • changed order of list of wifi scans in menu
  • More detailed tooltips in wifi.
  • Added extended information about scan process.
    • Secpoint -> SecPoint.
    • Bugtraquid -> Bugtraqid.
    • Version banner.
    • Confirm stop -> confirm pause.
  • New popup window to explain that logout does not affect scans. Displayed until not clicked, and at most 4 times.
    -      Synchronous launch of scans, to improve launching speed and remove launcher processes
    -      Fixed CIDRs remaining in pending state when launching a new scan
    -      Added check for offline nodes in Repeat Scan
    -      Minor fixes in scan launch (100% displayed immediately after launch, Abnormal termination, etc.)
    -      Reset disclaimer on Reset unit ID
    -      Added Reset unit ID and shutdown to factory reset. 

Penetrator 20.1.3 - June 2013  

  • Big Wordpress Security Scanning Improvements.
  • Big Joomla Security Scanning Improvements.
  • Scanning Engine Improvements.

Penetrator 20.0.8 - May 2013  

Download Penetrator 20.0 Release notes

  • Make scans start faster, as soon as the button Start Vulnerability Scan is pressed
  • Easy License Activation, with recording of activation date on vip lounge
  • Better cleaning of User table on Factory reset, restore default list of login IP addresses (see 174)
  • Please Wait While Processing: avoid to overlap the line of page bottom
  • Separate better Delete scan and Stop Scan, and make 2 different icons
  •  Avoid firmware and database update on systems not online.
  • Adjust differences in Admin welcome page, make Quick link menu the same style as main Welcome page
  • Remove the Online status from the System Status (see 163)
  • Scheduled scans frozen at 2%
  • Unify lists of scans; add Profile name on list; fix difference in the description of the status
  • Fix most evident apache error messages to decrease output to error log
  • Change web server config file by adding FQDN to allow it to start fast
  • Popup window with more evident state of license Not Active or Expired and "click here" to activate
  • New mail, with more info, for scans with false positives.
  • Easy IP setup on units not online. Popup window to show the offline status and "click here" to setup IP
  • NFR anti exploitation. New red message as on Protector and big evident DEMO banner on reports
  • Reorganize menus and names: unique menu for scans, Audit Scan changed to Vulnerability Scan all over
  • Check for unid ID on multiple units. View result on vip lounge
  • Defer loading of Chat On Line icon at login, to avoid typing password in the username field
  • Rename profiles and show them in new order
  • Add icons to system messages: info, warning, error; Change Log opens a new tab
  • Fix Add False Positive when a vulnerability has a description with an apostrophe inside
  • Check for possible problems with schedules scans when a firmware update is launched
  • Scans interrupted for reboot/power loss etc.. must be put in state Cancelled
  • Usability: Show license status, New Internet Status (online/offline), review structure and percent count of firmware update
  • Add checkbox for permission to allow sending of data to SecPoint for false positives
  • Delete license file on unit initialization or on Reset factory default
  • Avoid bypassing disclaimer. Disclaimer, if not agreed, will be shown in place of any other page
  • Disable non ascii characters in scan names, to avoid problems in report file names.
  • Edit Admin freezes due to too many IP's in login addresses. (fixed by 53)
  • Strip leading and trailing whitespaces in IP's. Fix mistypings: x.x.x.x.x and x.x.x,x
  • Change wrong error message "IP not found" in Vulnerability history
  • Sometimes it is possible that a scan is created without IPs, even if IP's were added (see 186)
  • Penetrator seems not to use all IP's of license due to slow check of Offline Nodes. Improve scan dispatcher
  • Offline nodes seem to affect queued scans, because it takes time to tetect the online/offline state of a node
  • Remove last WiFi recording on Factory Reset
  • Scan at 100% but cannot complete. Add a process that scans for orphan scans in progress (cron)
  • Sometimes it is possible that a scheduled scan is created without IPs, even if IP's were added (see 178)
  •  Icons overlapping right column; icon of different size in Scan History
  • Show Vulnerability count in all pages, including View Scan, when showing the list of IP's of a scan
  • Scan count on interface differs from the number of running scan processes
  • Avoid sending mails with the full list of old false positives, when a new false positive is found.
  • Add paging on View CIDR page, to avoid problems with lists too long
  • Corrupted scan hangs unit when downloading the full scan report
  • New 1-page summary report
  • Add Geolocalization to report
  • Add offline nodes to report in a separate section and to report's statistics  

Penetrator 18.0.5 - April 2013  

Download Penetrator 18.0 Release Notes

  • Confidential added to first page
  • Date added on first page and page header
  • Introduction and Vulnerability details moved on top of report
  • Lines separated in Introduction
  • Bigger logo on page header
  • Scan name added on page footer
  • Table formatting for Version Banner Identified 

Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner Appliance 18.0.0 - April 2013  

  • Reports can be branded with customer's company logo
  • Links to ID's, CVE - Bugtraqids are clickable
  • Report format improved. New tabled and charts added. Vulnerabilities sorted by importance
  • Traceroute more colorful and better formatted
  • Reports can be branded with the customer's company name
  • New report for Wifi scans
  • Gap Analysis added to all reports. It is automatically added when a second scan to the same IP is available
  • Profile names have been added to reports
  • Report totally translated into php. Java has been removed
  • Login recognizes invalid attempts and blacklists invalid IP's
  • License update at boot 

Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner 16.5.8 - March 2013  

Download Penetrator 16.5 Release Notes

  • New WPS Updates.
  • Make possible to change the date format and display all dates in the new format.
  • Store and show services found on an IP or hostname.
  • Remove sharp corners from login Logo.
  • Owasp profile.
  • Allow stop-restart sniffing. Stop sniffing process when sniffing is stopped (led on antenna stops blinking.
  • Fix problem of WPS not proceeding: timeout & more information is shown to the user.
  • Bugfix: allow apostrophes in wifi names.
  • New ports added in the Web profile.
  • Cosmetic changes Status window with automatic reload - New icons - New Start Support page.
  • Extended SSL Checks.

Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner - Vulnerability Management 16.0.0 - February 2013 

Click for Release Notes

  • Fix: New product picture logo on the audit static report.
  • New feature: You can enter hostname/dir, and the /dir will automatically be added to the list of /dirs, without going to Advanced Options.
  • New feature: You can enter ip_number:port1,port1....etc and the list of ports will automatically be added to the list of ports, without going to Advanced Options.
  • New feature: Change IP/Gateway/DNS on fly on the first OK, like on Protector.
  • Add link to video on home page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zROE9BrHOBA
  • New feature: Add an option to schedule monthly, but only on sunday every month. This will allow to schedule a scan on a weekday. Now there is the option to choose the month day 1-31, not the week day.
  • Bug Fix: Add IP bug: when blanks as are used as separators, it adds a list of wrong IP's, but it should produce an error message
  • Bug Fix: Vhost issue. When you go to Advanced options / Vhost and you press back without adding anything, it will add the hostname as vhost
  • New Feature: View % of scans on front page. The welcome page now shows only "Processing". It must show the percent of progress. With multiple IP's, it must show an average of progress of each IP.
  • New Feature: View result while scanning. While you are scanning, you see “0 0 0” until the scan is finished. It must show the number of vulnerabilities found so far while scanning
  • While creating an account on Penetrator, it does not accept e-mail addresses like Hotmail . Remove that restriction
  • New Feature: Cloud Expired: When an account is expired it just says expired. - It need to be changed to add more contact info on how to renew: Link to renew, E-mail address for account manager, Live Chat icon too. Add a function in advanced menu where it’s possible to change the contact email, so that each account manager wants to put his own
  • Bug Fix: Scans of hostnames with a dash (e.g. www.atlas-systems.ro become-a-security-auditor.nl) do not get saved
  • Icon button review all over the Penetrator
  • New Feature: WEB-related profile: Create a new profile with only Web related checks to scan port 80 and 443 so it don’t scan other ports
  • New feature: Create a Quick Scan profile with the most common ports. 
  • New Feature: new adminprepare that works as for the Protector. This will substitute the old /adminprepare, /adminip, /adminpassword, that will be deleted. 

Penetrator Vulnerability Management 14.9.0 - 10 October 2012 

Download Penetrator 14.9.0 Release Notes

  • New Joomla / Wordpress Vulnerability Scanning module 
  • More user Friendly Interface 
  • DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) 
  • Updated Profiles and Exploits 
  • Updated WPS Cracking 
  • Faster Bootup

Penetrator Vulnerability Scanning 14.5.7 - 5 August 2012 

Download 14.5.7 Release Notes

  • Extended Joomla Checks
  • Version checks
  • XSS, Cross Site Scripting
  • SQL Injection 
  • Updates to exploits.
  • HTML Injection 
  • Local File Inclusion
  • Information Disclosure
  • Directory Traversal
  • Generic Files
  • Help Sites
  • Javascript

Vulnerability Scanner Penetrator 14.5.6 - 5 July 2012 

Download 14.5.6 Release Notes

  • Updates to exploits. 
  • Updates to WPS wifi crack. 
  • Updates to scanning process. 

Penetrator 14.5.0 - June 2012 

  • The IP ranges (CIDR and C class ranges a.b.c.d-e) cannot be marked as excluded 
  • When you add an IP that is contained in a range that is already in the list, the IP is automatically  marked as excluded (e.g. the list contains and you add, this IP is  marked as excluded) When you add a range that partially or totally overlaps a previously added  range, the second rance will not be added. 
  • Long IP list when I edit a template and put this list (long list of comma separated IPs) in the Add  IP field, it does not save the template 
  • Exclude IP bug Whewn you create a template with some excludes, save it and then you reload it, the IPs are sorted, but the excluded are not, so the association IP/exclude is wrong. 
  • Exclude IP from CIDR When you add a CIDR and then you try to exclude an IP in the list, it does  not allow, and displays the message 
  • "The IP address(es) could not be added - IP or CIDR already added.". Instead excluding an IP from  a range a.b.c.d-e is possible. 
  • Schedule bug A
  • If you create a template with a range and an excluded IP, the View Schedule function does not  show the excluded IP B The excluded IP will be scanned

Penetrator 14.2.2 -  June 2012

  • Updated Exploits

Penetrator 14.1.9 - 21 May 2012 

Download Release Notes

  • LCD Update.
  • Boot Image Update.
  • New Appliance Compability.

Penetrator 14.0.1 - 27 April 2012  

  • Added a column with Profile Name in the Home page and View Audit Scan page.
  • In Repeat Scan, the new name is set automatically.
  • In List of Audit Scans, added a new feature for deleting multiple rows.
  • Added the name of last scan in the Audit Scan Statistics.
  • View both hostname and reverse DNS information in Create Audit Scan.
  • Disabled firmware upgrade for wrong license numbers.
  • Display Scan status information in the reverse order.  
  • Improved warning messages in Current Vulnerabilities, in case of No Data.  
  • User management renamed to Cloud User. 
  • Update to menu.
  • Added a new warning message about IPS before launching a new scan.
  • Fixed the System Status for not-online systems.
  • Fixed missing Back buttons in the Log pages. 
  • Fixed top banner in the Disclaimer page.
  • Fixed display info for Nic Port 1(A).
  • Fixed expiry date in User edit.
  • Fixed display of IP scans left.
  • Fixed page title in the View Audit Scan Template page.
  • Update to Scan count.

Penetrator V12.5.8a - 18 April 2012

  • Chrome 18.0.1025.162.
  • VPN client.

Penetrator V12.5.6 - 13 April 2012 

  • Firefox 3.6.28
  • Chrome 17.0.963.56
  • Wicd Update

Penetrator V12.5.5 - 5 March 2012

Download Release notes

  • Port Scanner 4.0.
  • Added mixed port specification for parameter -p, that makes possible to specify port lists and ranges together.
  • Added support for Mac os x (thanks to Gary Sims).
  • Improved WEP Cracking. 

Penetrator V12.5.3 - 6 February 2012 

  • Updates to profile scanning.

Penetrator V12.5.1 - 23 January 2012 

  • Portscanner 3.1.
  • Added mixed port specification for parameter -p, that makes possible to specify port lists and ranges together.
  • System area: changed description "None" to "System is up to date". 
  • WPS scan: increased timeout before turning warning message into an error.
  • Done reset of wifi before the start of a new scanning.
  • Added Resume for WPS scans.
  • Wifi scan: the % of WPS scans is displayed on the main wifi page.
  • Added a question mark to increase visibility of tooltips.
  • Bugfix: reviewed wizard in Schedule Scan.
  • Bugfix: repaired buttons Back that displayed like a text field.

Penetrator V12.0.4 - 17 January 2012 

  • Links in System Messages that open a new browser.
  • Audit scan name that spans over 3 lines.
  • WPS not killed when scan is deleted.
  • Bugfix in the count of scans available to a user

 Penetrator V12.0.3 - 16 January 2012 

  • Added a new wifi scan method, "WPS brute force attack"
  • Added feature to disable the login IP check for each user
  • Created a new box for System Messages, to avoid them to overlap each other
  • Made the system message "Upgrade in Progress" clickable
  • Added a feature to repeat a previously completed scan
  • Added the freedom to specify scan targets using the complete url http://...
  • Added the Vendor name near the MAC address in Wireless scan
  • Added a clickable system message to warn for interrupted firmware upgrades and restart them
  • Improved the check to avoid the appliance to scan itself
  • Added tooltips for Profiles, that can be seen pointing the profile's description
  • Created a profile that allows to scan nodes that appear down at time of scan
  • Created a new description to tag scans that get cancelled due to node offline
  • Fixed button "Back" in change user's password
  • Bugfix in Stop Scan of single IP's. Stopping all IP's now puts the scan into the state "Cancelled"
  • Bugfix in Exclude IP that caused to lose selections when adding another IP
  • Bugfix in Quick Wizard, buttons Back and Next were not clickable

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 11.0.2 - 4 January 2012 

  • Added C-class IP ranges in Audit scan, scan templates and schedule scan
  • Added IP exclusion, to be used in conjunction with IP ranges
  • Added automatic exclusion of non-existent or off IPs at time of scan
  • Added new scan types, for future improvement of the scanner tool
  • Added refresh button during Firmware Update
  • Fixed a bug for scans with blanks in the name
  • Fixed a bug in the call of the scanner tool
  • Added choice for Syn/Connect scan in the scanner tool 
  • Fixed a bug in the check of the firmware version 
  • Easy Refresh in update. 

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 10.2.5 - 23 December 2011  

  • Improved installation process.
  • Improved firmware version indicator.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 10.1.1 - 30 November 2011 

  • Added pre-defined profiles that can be combined with scanning IP's 
  • Added the association Template/Profile in Audit Scan Templates, Audit Scan and Schedule Scan
  • Better visibility for error messages in port editing in Advanced Setup
  • Fixed a minor bug on the "Aggressive" advanced setting, in Audit Scan

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 9.9.6 - 30 November 2011  

  • Added Support Videos in Wireless Section and exploits section.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 9.8.5 - 9 November 2011 

  • Improved DNS, more smooth DHCP.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 9.8.1 - 8 November 2011 

  • Improved vhost scan
  • Improved pdf download
  • Improved speed for add IP
  • New icon placed
  • System status in admin area too.
  • New customized menu items.
  • Improved back and next features.
  • Start scan speed improved.
  • Report processing is improved.
  • Xml report structure improved.
  • Automatic Virtual host vhost domain scanning in new scans.
  • Automatic Virtual host vhost domain scanning in new audit scans.
  • Automatic Virtual host vhost domain scanning in new template scans.
  • Improved system logs section option to delete pending scans.
  • Improved IP Address settings process.
  • Improved audit schedule.
  • On Group scan page added audit text.
  • Improved edit audit scan schedules.
  • Automatic email when audit scans are completed. 
  • Updated back button.
  • Improved Word List download.
  • New more user friendly Icons. 
  • Improved cracking of multiple wifi networks.
  • Added SYN port scan for bettering scanning of weak routers.
  • Faster port scanning.
  • Improved WPA/WPA2 cracking. 

 Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 9.5.2 - 28 October 2011  

  • New Black List IP Checker find out if you servers are black listed.
  • Different DNSBL (RBL) spam databases.
  • Different URLBL (URIBL) databases by host name.
  • Database of phishing sites.
  • Google safebrowsing DB for phishing and malware sites.
  • 85 dnsbl lists.
  • 2 phishing/malware DB checks.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 9.1.1 - 4 October 2011 

  • PDF multiscan report has been introduced.
  • Single scan report is improved.
  • Improved delete scan process.
  • Improved report generation scriptspeed.
  • New Icons are placed for buttons.
  • More userfriendly graphics and interface.
  • Improved right side bar.
  • Customized menu for admin users.
  • Customized menu for normal users.
  • Backend file deletion process is more smooth and with better speed now.
  • Text changed for invert process.
  • False positive process improved. 
  • Easy adminprepare introduced.
  • System status report is attached in advance menu also.
  • Improved scan auto start process.
  • Vulnerability count improved and count total  for group scan.
  • Vulnerability count feature introduced for normal users.
  • Validated add Ip input.
  • New graphics introduced on license screen.
  • Adminip process is automatic now.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 8.5.1 - 2 September 2011  

  • Easier WEP Cracking.
  • More userfriendly bootup

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 8.4.8 - 29 August 2011  

  • New Firefox 3.6.19.
  • Easy word list selection.
  • Smaller size VM Image.
  • Range Scan Video.
  • Updated Word Lists.
  • More than 42250 Checks.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 8.3.0 - 4 August 2011 

  • New boot colors.
  • Speed improvements.
  • English upgraded to 4.636.405
  • Finnish upgraded to 453.334
  • Afrikaans upgraded to 166.121
  • All Languages upgraded to : 57.806.890
  • Total dic 1.178.842.930 billion
  • Wordlist 8.5.0

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 8.2.3 - 13 July 2011 

  • Updated exploits to 713.
  • Updated firewall fules.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 8.2.2 - 6 July 2011 

  • New VoIP Brute Force Word List.
  • More easy Range Scan.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 8.2.1 - 29 June 2011 

  • Improved Change IP.
  • More easy start wireless scanning.
  • Updated recommended signal strength information.
  • Updates to Schedule Audit.
  • Updates to gateway / router text.
  • Chrome 12.0.742.91.
  • Firefox 3.6.18.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 8.2.0 - 14 June 2011 

  • Better WPA Handshake grabbing.
  • Easier to get WPA handshake with Access Point Bomb.
  • WIfi 30 dBm antenna power. 

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 8.1.4 - 11 June 2011 

  • Automatic Lock file clean on startup. 
  • Easy reset net lock file.
  • Improved Color on Welcome Page.
  • Fixed Ghost Scan Issue.
  • Centralized Loader Box.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 8.1.2 - 8 June 2011 

  • Easy MAC Address Randomizer in interface.
  • Improved Schedule scan.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 8.1.1 - 4 June 2011 

  • Turbo boost. 
  • Improved Wifi.
  • Upgraded WPA WPA2 Password cracking list.
  • Firefox 3.6.17.
  • Skype 2.2.
  • Improved texts in menus.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 8.0.8 - 09 May 2011  

  • Auto exploit start.
  • Improved exploits auto update.
  • Added speed test.
  • Improved IP address detection.
  • Improved Logo upload.
  • Improved Vulnerability Counting.
  • Improved loader Image.
  • Improved Advanced Menu.
  • Improved vulnerability statistics.
  • Improved PDF Download from welcome page.
  • Improved vulnerability found on welcome page.
  • Vulnerability show on welcome page internal links too.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 8.0.6 - 2 May 2011  

  • Text changes for Create audit template, checkbox by default enabled.
  • Improved report generation pdf,xml,HTML.
  • Text changed of right hand side bar.
  • Full support for IE, Chrome, Firefox.
  • Counter of all scans added.
  • Improved Vulnerability count on welcome view page.
  • Improved Advanced menu welcome page.
  • Improved IP adding fields will now accept spaces. 
  • Text changes in menu and pages done.
  • Improved Advanced pages. 
  • High,low medium to show on requested pages.
  • PDF order in all requested pages.
  • IP add with DNS name done.
  • Color added to show status.
  • Interface is converted to wide screen now.
  • Color code implemented to show vulnerabilities.
  • Text on right side bar changed.
  • Improved Statistic PDF.
  • Statistic PDF renamed to name.
  • Logo on report PDFs changed not in statistic pdf.
  • Improved Range scan.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 7.9.6a - 13 April 2011 

  • Improved icons more user friendly.
  • Improved pdf names when downloading report.
  • After range scan Ip values will be populated automatically on click on green buttons.
  • Delete checkbox is added on view_group.php.
  • Delete checkbox is added on  view_archive.php.
  • Faster code added processing text.
  • Improved Youtube logo.
  • Scan audit account is renamed to Scan templates.
  • Improved XML reports.
  • Added 2 icons , XML and false positive in  welcome.php. 
  • Added check box to delete multiple entries  view_scans.php.
  • Added 2 icons and rearranged them on view_scans.php.
  • Range scan, we chnaged it to comma seperated output.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 7.9.5 - 5 April 2011 

  • Improved Range Scan.
  • Now you can add , seperated ip ranges to create new audit.
  • Now you can add , seperated ip ranges to create new schedule.
  • Now you can add , seperated ip ranges to create new audit account.
  • Added 3 functional buttons on  range_scan.php  output page. 
  • Added new feature ,you can enter multiple IP OR dns name added in audit in once.
  • Improved schedule audit name field.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 7.9.1 - 2 April 2011 

  • More smooth boot up.
  • Faster start of Audits.
  • Improved automatic firmware notice.
  • Firefox 3.6.16.
  • Improved audit progress bar.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 7.9.0 - 21 March 2011 

  • New boot up graphics.
  • New Chrome 10.0.648.127.
  • New VMware image released.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 7.8.9 - 5 March 2011

  • Improved kde lockup.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator 7.8.8d - 23 February 2011 

  • More ways to download WPA/WPA2 Handshake.
  • Improved text about web server reloading.
  • Improved dictionaries to brute force options.
  • Chrome 9.0.597.94.
  • Fixed portscan in menu.
  • Launch exploits page.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.8.8c -  18 February 2011  

  • Made installation more easy

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.8.8a -  11 February 2011  

  • Fixed CIDR range IP creation in New Account Creation
  • Fixed CIDR Range IP creation in New Audit
  • Aligned Back button in New Account creation
  • Optimized speed while viewing many scans in list of scans and on welcome screen.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.8.7k -  24 January 2011 

  • Chrome 8.0.552.237.
  • Firefox 3.6.13.
  • Improved Latitude 2110 Screen.
  • Improved Automatic exploits.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.8.7h -  18 January 2011

  • Improved nVidia installation. 
  • Improved capturing of four way (4 way) wpa/wpa2 Handshake.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.8.7a -  15 January 2011 

  • Improved exploits.
  • You can now download handshake.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.8.7 -  12 January 2011 

  • Updated to 644 exploits.
  • Added back button in new scan.
  • Improved Netbook Dell 2100 Resolution.
  • 2 new Tutorial videos for Real exploits.
  • Improved word lists to: 1.168.830.632 entries.
  • More user friendly Wifi Cracking.
  • New word list notification update.
  • New word lists download resume.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.8.5 - 23 December 2010 

  • Improved language word lists for cracking.
  • Improved main word list to 662.767.833 entries from 151.421.666 entries.
  • New Word List download option.
  • Fixed download reporting from admin.
  • 46.975 Vulnerability Scanning Signatures.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.8.0b - 11 December 2010 

  • More smooth update process.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.8.0 - 10 December 2010 

  • Fixed Portable Penetrator Banner.
  • Firmware size reduced by 40%.
  • Chrome V 8.0.552.215.
  • Faster boot time.
  • New boot logo.
  • 1280 resolution now default.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.7.9 - 12 November 2010 

  • Showing IP address on front page. 
  • Showing MAC address on front page.
  • Upgraded Wifi Security Guide.
  • Added Mac Address Randomizer.
  • Added SEO Blackhat scanning.
  • Updates to exploits. 600+ exploits. 

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.7.8b - 28 October 2010 

  • See in interface what you are connected to.
  • Improved VMware support.
  • Chrome 7.0.517.41
  • Firefox 3.6.12
  • Thunderbird 3.0.9

 Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.7.7b -  8 October 2010 

  • Improved user ability. 

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.7.7a -  26 September 2010 

  • Automatic notification of new firmware
  • Improved wifi auditing 

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.7.7 -  24 September 2010 

  • Chrome
  • Firefox 3.6.10
  • Thunderbird 3.0.8
  • Teamviewer
  • Extended Netbios Checks
  • Extended Snmp Checks
  • Extended AFP Checks
  • Extended Citrix Checks
  • Extended DB2 Checks
  • Extended Http Checks
  • Extended MS Sql Checks
  • Extended MySql Checks
  • Extended Ldap Checks
  • Extended NFS Checks
  • Extended POP3 Checks
  • Extended SSH Checks

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.7.6 -  2 September 2010 

  • Improved Netbios.
  • Improved multi user creation.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.7.5c -  16 August 2010

  • New Wifi antenna support video added.
  • Added Chrome 5.0.375.126. 

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.7.5b -  02 August 2010 

  • Firefox 3.6.8
  • Improved delete logs
  • Thunderbird 3.0.6
  • Improved Flash
  • Added Chrome 5.0.375.125 
  • 45811 Signatures

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.7.5a -  21 July 2010

  • Improved Wifi.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.7.5 -  12 July 2010 

  • 40 Million more words to dictionaries.
  • Improved Antenna support.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.7.4 -  2 July 2010

  • Firefox 3.6.6
  • Thunderbird 3.0.5
  • Added Chrome 5.0.375.86 

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.7.3 - 22 June 2010 

  • Improved libpcap.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.7.2 - 21 June 2010 

  • Fixes to dhcpcd resolv.conf will not be overwritten.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.7.1 - 19 June 2010 

  • More user friendly wifi auditing.
  • Improved Linux.
  • Flash 10.1

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.6.8 - 3 June 2010 

  • Added suspend support in boot file.
  • Added Dell Latitude 2110 network support Slackware 13.0 & 13.1.
  • Added Dell Latitude 2110 graphics support.
  • Added Slackware 13.1 support.
  • Chrome 5.0.375.55 Slackware 13.1.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.6.6 - 1 June 2010 

  • nVidia Corporation G96M Quadro FX 770M support.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.6.5 - 22 May 2010

  • Added Wifi USB Antenna guide
  • Added support for AWUS051NH antenna
  • Chrome 5.0.375.53

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.6.4 - 6 May 2010

  • Now scans Wifi channels 12 and 13
  • Chrome 5.0.375.29

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.6.3 - 14 April 2010

  • Improved the firewall to allow more wlan interfaces
  • Improved new awus050NH interface in the firewall
  • Firefox 3.6.3
  • Google Chrome 5.0.342.7
  • Thunderbird

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.6.2 - 28 March 2010 

  • Improved the text in the menus.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.6.1 - 25 March 2010

  • Added 5 GHz Wifi Support AWUS050NH Support
  • Improved Mouse Settings
  • 10 Seconds Faster Boot Up
  • Other System  Improvements.  

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.5.3 - 16 March 2010 

  • Faster startup in KDE
  • Improved logo upload in reports

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.5.2 - 12 March 2010 

  • Improved Small updates.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.5.1 - 08 March 2010 

  • Latest Firefox 3.6.
  • Improved WPA WPA2 Cracking.
  • Latest Skype.
  • New Large Wordfile with 25 Mil words Wikipedia.
  • 13 Support Videos added.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.4.4 - 07 February 2010 

  • Updates to Firefox
  • Improved Speed for viewing many scans

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.4.1 - 27 January 2010 

  • Improved KDE interface
  • Improved Wifi on PP7000 XFR

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.3.6 - 23 January 2010 

  • Added Chrome 4.0.295
  • Skype
  • Firefox 3.5.6
  • Google Maps support in the reports.
  • New reporting system
  • Get 1 report for many IPs
  • New cool 3d graphics in the reports.
  • Improved Wifi Antenna support
  • New User friendly Interface to connect to Wifi Networks

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.2.9 - 10 December 2009 

  • Added Language flags in interface so it is easy to change keyboard language

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.2.8 - 4 December 2009 

  • Improved the main cracking dictionary file
  • Improved the English cracking dictionary file
  • Improved the wireless antenna
  • Firefox 3.5.5 included

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.2.1 - 5 October 2009 

  • Fixed wep connection issue.
  • Fixed wpa connection issue.
  • Made timeouts more smooth so it automatically goes to the login screen.
  • Added back button to wireless section.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.1.0 - 10 September 2009

  • Final release.
  • With many new scanning techniques included.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.0.8 - 26 August 2009

  • Small tweaks.

Penetrator & Portable Penetrator  7.0.5 - 18 August 2009 

  • Added Dell Touch screen support .
  • Upgraded the Language dictionaries with more than 50 languages.
  • N  Improved the scanning engine.
  • Integrated Wicd on Portable Penetrator to easy connect to wireless networks.
  • New Help texts on how to crack wireless networks 



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