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What are Network Security Appliances?

Understanding network security appliances is important for people who wish to get an idea of how network security really works.

There are so many different things to keep in mind that most people often get confused about where to get started.

However, before we talk about network security appliances, it is important to understand what network security really is and how it affects a person's system.

Basically, if your network is connected to a security appliance, the appliance will automatically monitor all data packets that are sent to and from the system, hence whenever it detects an anomaly, the security appliance will automatically prevent the data packets from entering inside the protected network.

Now, network security appliances come in a variety of different types.

When it comes to buying a network security appliance, you need to make sure that you buy one which actually helps your system.

There are four primary types of network security appliances, as mentioned below:

Active devices

Best devices and most advanced firewall to block all kinds of unwanted traffic.

For instance, if you want to make sure that you do not get pointless spam and other unnecessary issues, installing an active device might be a great idea.

Active devices include anti virus scanning devices, which will automatically scan throughout the network to ensure that no virus exists within the protected network.

Then, there are content filtering devices as well as firewalls, the purpose of both of which is to ensure that only useful content and traffic flows through the network and all pointless/ harmful data is filtered.

Passive net devices

Network designed devices that are designed to first detect and then send a report upon unwanted traffic.

Common examples include intrusion detection appliances, which are installed in order to figure out whether the network has been compromised in any way or not.

These devices usually work in the background at all times.

Preventative network devices

Preventative devices are designed to thoroughly scan a network and then figure out/ identify any potential security problems that are likely to arise.

These devices are usually designed to 'prevent' damages to the network by figuring out problems in advance. Common examples include devices that employ penetration testing as well as those devices which carry out vulnerability assessment on networks. 

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Perhaps the most popular kinds of network security appliances currently in use today are the Unified Threat Management Devices, or UTM devices as they are commonly known.

UTM devices are designed to provide users with a one stop solution to all of their network security needs.

As the name clearly suggests these devices provide the features of all of the other network devices and condense them in to one. These devices are designed to provide a number of different network security options in one package, hence providing networks with a simple solution.

Rather than installing four different devices, users can easily install one and be done with it.

The market of UTM devices has exceeded the billion dollar mark already, which just goes on to show how popular these devices have become among network users.

It is recommended to run an advanced high performance and high speed UTM Firewall Appliance.

It is important to utilize Intrusion Prevention System IPS to block known and unknown threats from a network system.

With the SecPoint Protector UTM Firewall it is also possible to block 640 Million Toxic and dangerous IP addresses easily with 1 click.

This can be Internet Trolls, Botnets, Spam systems, known hacker IPs.

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